Home Renovation

If you don’t intend on building a new home, the next best option is often to remodel your existing home or build on an addition if you’re able. DNA Construction is very happy to do this for you! Over the years, we have remodeled homes, renovated old homes, added additions, and more. We’ve built detached garages, “man caves” in the attic, and renovated homes that had structural issues.

Home Design Consulting
We offer additional home renovation consulting services beyond layout plans and 3D home design renderings. Since each project can vary, we can provide consulting that is tailored to your needs. If you’re a DIY client or someone who has never gone through a home renovation, we can provide as much as you need to move forward with any remodeling project.

Our additional consulting services include:

• Reviewing and revising existing layout plans to create a more functional use of space.

• Development of a step-by-step plan for your home renovation
Development of a clear plan is important if you are doing a major overhaul at one time or tackling your home renovation in phases. There are many questions for you to answer before you even talk to contractors, such as “When is the best time for you and your family for construction to begin?” and “What will I need secured to proceed with the home renovations?“ This service is ideal if you are working on a limited budget and are planning on doing the home renovation yourself or in phases over time.

• Providing one-on-one consulting to refine your home design
Customizing your home design with your aesthetic choices can be done. We can customize your house layout by changing the location of walls, doors and windows as well as the style of cabinets, counter top or back splash tile, wall color, flooring, moldings, etc. This service gives you an opportunity to see the various options and make confident choices.

• Providing a base materials list needed to build your home renovation
A materials list is very useful when you are comparatively shopping for all materials. This is especially true for kitchens. The cost of cabinetry, counter tops tile, etc. can vary widely. Having a list of materials can help you to keep in check when choosing what you will chose.

Renovation Services

Remodels (Kitchen, Bathroom, House, Basement)
Finish Carpentry